Making your own Website

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It is really hard to make your own website or write a biography for yourself.

Even after all the years of therapy, when I get down to these tasks, I don’t seem to know myself well enough to even select colors. And pictures? How can I possibly choose a theme? And what to I actually do for a living.

It is that devilish decisiveness.

Easy to Make a Website

You see, it is easy to make a website for a client or even a friend. I feel like I can tune into some higher power and know what will be good for them; what will work for them; what colors will be right. It is easy for me to assess what they want (and need).

(Some people seem to think they know better than I do what they want … they are entitled to their opinion.)

But my own website-story is a sad tale of neglect and procrastination and indecisiveness.

I took down the previous website about three years ago because it was horribly outdated. And have been talking about my new website plans since then.

I actually make websites for a living (now and then). What does it say about me? I don’t have any issue with the technical stuff or even the creative element – it is the decisions. I simply become paralyzed.

Lessons in Decisiveness

So, I Google decisiveness and get two lessons – one from Psychology Today that tells me that Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, when asked what her greatest gift is, answered, “decisiveness.”

This is nice to know. But it doesn’t help me.

A little further down the page it says, “What stops you from being decisive is fear of regret. Regret is one of the bitterest of emotions because it means that it was once within your power to make a different decision that would have resulted in a better outcome but that time has passed.

Wisdom Commons however tell me that “Decisiveness means taking the risk that we may be wrong, but knowing that perfect clarity is rarely available and indecision can be costly. It also means taking responsibility for the outcome of the decision.”

So I guess I should end this on a musical note. It is a case of

and realizing that if Liza can see clearly, I can too. I just need to get started and put one foot ahead of the other.

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