Emoji Version 13.0 Coming Soon

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BOLO! Emoji fans will be excited to know that Emoji Version 13.0 is available. This is the shortlisted set of emojis scheduled for release in 2020.

Also known as Unicode 13.0, the upcoming release is planned for March 2020. A warning though, the emojis listed here are draft candidates and subject to change or removal, so don’t get too attached to new additions until they are finalized.

If you want to see what emojis were approved in 2019, see Emoji 12.0.

Frequently Used Emojis

We know that in 2019, the Unicode Consortium released a list of the most frequently used emoji for the first time ever.

“The Unicode Consortium sets the international standards for characters, including emoji, across software platforms, and it uses frequency as one factor to determine which emoji make the cut. The Consortium said that it is publishing this data in part to help people who are proposing new emoji. Frequently used emoji impact what categories and types of emoji the Consortium accepts, it said.”

So we keep our eyes open for Emoji 13.0 and in March we will see the new additions to the emoji family. This is great, I’ll be adding some new emojis to my emoji-cabulary!

New Mobile Emoji App

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