Year: 2023

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Pornography and Pogroms Served up Durban Style

Did you ever think that you would hear the words Pornography and Pogroms in one sentence? Believe it or not, this deranged word soup rant was all about South Africa’s support for the people of Gaza. In fact, these were the words of a respected Durbanite, Mary Kluk. She is the Director and Board Chairman […]

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Blog WebWriting

5 Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts and Web Copy

Because of the constant changes on the web, it is good to take some time to examine how to optimise your writing so that your blog posts and web copy have an impact. Before we start with the Tips, there are some basics that you need to know about writing blog posts or even articles […]

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Food & Veg

Grow Herbs for the Kitchen

You don’t need much space to grow herbs for your kitchen.  All you need is a small sunny area and a couple of pots or planters. And if you want to plant herbs in the ground, the area should as far as possible be free from weeds and overhanging trees and have good access to […]

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