Sridevi – the Autopsy – she Drowned in her Bath

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Sridevi, legendary Bollywood star accidentally drowned in her bath, as the headlines read: Sridevi Kapoor, 54, died on Saturday late night in a Dubai hotel. The first news was that she died of cardiac arrest.

The glamorous star had stayed back in Dubai after a family wedding.

Shortly before her death she was dancing at the wedding of her actor-nephew Mohit Marwah.

Gulf News also reported that “traces of alcohol” were detected at her autopsy. “The investigation is still going on to determine the circumstances surrounding the accident as the forensic report only says that she drowned,” an official told Gulf News.This new news broke today (Monday) as the local newspaper quoted the UAE government’s forensic report on Twitter.

Dubai Media office explained that Dubai Police had transferred the case to Dubai Public Prosecution, which will carry out regular legal procedures followed in such cases.

The Bollywood legend’s death in Dubai shocked the world, especially in India – both the prime minister and the president, as well as film industry stalwarts took to Twitter to express both shock and sadness.

According to the Indian Ambassador to UAE, Navdeep Suri her body will be flown via a private plane to Mumbai tonight.

Image of Sridevi from BollywoodHungama

My own comment

Maybe I just have a suspicious mind or maybe I watch too many Crime Shows, but 54 year old healthy women don’t easily drown in the bath, even if they are a bit tipsy …

From the reports I’ve read, her husband Boney Kapoor came over to her hotel room to surprise her and take her to dinner at 5.30. “They chatted for about 15 minutes” the reports read and then she went to the bathroom to get ready. After 15 minutes when she hadn’t appeared her husband knocked on the door and when he didn’t get an answer, he forced it open to find her motionless in a bathtub full of water. At 9 pm he informed the police.

So although reports are that she had had some alcohol, the tox screens haven’t yet been released. The timeline is also all over the place but I guess the reports aren’t always accurate. At least we know she didn’t die of a cardiac arrest.

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