Game of Thrones Emojis Released #FortheThrone

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20 emojis were released for Twitter last week to celebrate the familiar faces of key players in Game of Thrones.

In anticipation of the final Season hitting our screens on 14 April and eager to get fans thirsting for Game of Thrones season 8, HBO have released special Twitter emojis that will accompany the names of characters when written as hashtags.

So if you want to share your love of Jaime Lannister and his metal hand, simply type #JaimeLannister in a tweet and you’ll be treated to an emoji of the man himself.

Check out the GoT hashtag emojis below.

Besides the memorable faces of the characters, there is an extra one #ForTheThrone.

Already Game of Thrones fans are raising alarm that a small detail is missing in one of the emojis that is either a mistake or a huge spoiler.

Using the new Game of Thrones Emojis

One does not need to tell GoT Fans how to use the emojis  but for example, when you need to remind someone that they know nothing, the #JonSnow emoji is here to help. Or maybe you need to assert your dominance as the reigning boss b—ch. Well, #CerseiLannister is definitely your girl.

Maybe only GOT fans will get what you’re saying, but fortunately there are many of them around. And anyway the real issue is will take a seat on the Iron Throne.

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