As Japan Resumes Commercial Whaling I look at the Two Blue Whale Emojis

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As Japan starts killing whales again under the guise of commercial whaling, I turn to the two whale emojis for a bit of comfort.

What is your favourite whale emoji, the large blue whale or the spouting one? I think I prefer the spouting one to the humpback, but I’m not sure how it looks on your phone. The whale looks so different on various platforms that it almost doesn’t even look like the same animal. But it is blue and cute and looks happy.

Japan Resumes Commercial Whaling

I started thinking about whales when I saw yesterday that Japan had resumed commercial whaling after 30 years. The first expedition proved fruitful for the whale hunters and they harpooned two minke whales.

In 1986 the International Whaling commission (IWC) announced a worldwide moratorium on commercial whaling. But in late 2018, however, Japan withdrew from the IWC. They say it is a cultural thing.

Whales Vocalize their Emotions

Did you know that whales vocalize their emotions and may moan, whine or produce crying sounds or sad whale songs when they feel sad, alone or upset? This allows other whales and marine mammals to know how they feel and gives them the ability to express their emotions whether they are alone or around other whales?

Two Whale Emojis

That is probably why I went looking for a whale emoticon to add it to my messages and posts.

According to “The image of a whale blowing water out as it exhales is the emoji symbol for cheerfulness and happiness. Although Spouting Whale Emoji can be used in relation to the animal itself or as a figure of speech for expressions like “As fat as a whale!”, “oh well (that sounds similar to whale), it generally means “Hurray!”. says “Spouting Whale emoji is the picture of the 🐋 Whale with the ⛲ Fountain of 💦 Water above it. In most cases, this emoji looks a little alike 🐋 Whale emoji — it is more cartoon-like and it is also known as a cute 🐋 Whale. As for meanings, the 🐋 Whale may be used in any context related to sea, ocean, 💦 Water, underwater animals, and all things like that.

And at last, it is sometimes used in relation to enormously fat people or as an insult.”

Meaning of Whale Emoji while Sexting

Complex discusses emojis to use while sexting and says the Adorable Whale emoji is a good way to let your lady know that you’ve been thoroughly satisfied without having to go into too much detail. She’ll quickly learn that the Adorable Whale is the symbol of a job well done.

I wish they wouldn’t kill whales. But then I feel the same about most animals, fish and birds… and sometimes people.

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