Do you know what the Top Three Emojis are?

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Emojis aren’t just cute little symbols that we use on social media- they have their own translators, trackers, statistics- in fact there is an entire emoji eco-system.

I always wonder what the most used emojis are – I know that some say the plural for emoji is emoji, but I like to add an s to it.

Top Emojis on Social Media

I always want to know what the most popular emojis are and why.  Everybody seems to have a different view; some of the good articles with graphics are outdated like Hubspot’s 2015 graphic of the Top 100 emoji on Instagram.

Brandwatch has a recent article on the Top 10 most popular emojis.

Emojis on WordPress

I’m thinking of adding an emoji plugin to this WordPress website – after all they are universally understood and could maybe draw some good engagement. But most unoptimized images can be a bit dodgy at times and cause performance issues. And as I have discussed before – different emojis mean different things to different people.

So let’s look at some up to date info on Emoticons. (The word ’emoticon’ is a portmanteau, a term combining two words to create a new one: ’emotion + icon’.)

Emojitracker’s Top Three Emoji (Real time)

Have a look at the Twitter @emojitracker. You learn all kinds of useful info like Why the Emoji Recycling Symbol is taking over Twitter


Most Popular Emoji

I cannot take my eyes off the real time emoji tracker. It looks like the most popular emoji in social media is the Face with Tears of Joy, followed by Heavy Black Heart and Black Universal Recycling symbol.

Face with Tears of Joy

The Face with Tears of Joy emoji is an emoji featuring a jovial yellow face laughing, while also crying out tears. It can also be used for joking and teasing. Widely used to show something is funny or pleasing. Of course, this emoji has a cat variant – Cat Face with Tears of Joy.

Heavy Black Heart

The Heavy Black heart is actually red. It predates the colour emoji when the term “heavy” referred to a solid color. This is a classic love heart emoji, used for expressions of love. (Not to be confused with Black Heart Emoji, which is actually black.

Black Universal Recycling Symbol

The Black Universal Recycling Symbol is usually green and it features three arrows pointing clockwise in a triangular formation.

The word “black” in the official name is due to this emoji existing as a unicode character before the current standardized emoji set. It is also known as the Recycle Logo or the Recycling Symbol.

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